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In-Flight Wi-Fi WBA White Paper

Posted on Monday, 20th May 2019

Accuris Networks is pleased to announce the Wireless Broadband Alliance has released its latest white paper on In-Flight Connectivity.  Accuris Networks CTO, Finbarr Coghlan, was a significant contributor to the paper.  Accuris Networks has been working on In-Flight Connectivity with airlines and in-flight solution vendors for over six years.  Accuris leadership in this vertical and its deep product/solution capabilities are driving improved passenger experiences and unique monetization models for the airline industry.  Contact us for more information.  Download the WBA white paper here.


The whitepaper provides perspectives of the key drivers to growing demand for in-flight Wi-Fi access in airplanes and the evolving technical advancements in offering seamless customer experiences in connectivity from the latest in-flight solutions. Growing demands generate new business opportunities and revenue streams for airlines and industry stakeholders to monetize through better services, a new ecosystem and more convenient experiences offered to the passengers. The paper covers the technical enablement that generates better backend capacity, allows frictionless connectivity and how international travellers connect via mobile sim card subscription to their mobile service provider with seamless, automatic and secure roaming. 

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