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Accuris Networks CONNECT SaaS Platform Enables Sitwifi to Leverage Passpoint-Enabled Devices and Roaming Partners

Posted on Tuesday, 20th February 2018

DUBLIN, February 13, 2018 ( - Accuris Networks' partner Sitwifi has enhanced their
Carrier Wi-Fi network deployed in Mexico to support Passpoint (or Hotspot 2.0). This allows
Passpoint-enabled devices such as the latest iOS and Android smartphones to seamlessly and
securely connect onto any of Sitwifi’s hotspots.

“Passpoint is the realization of simple, secure offloading onto our Carrier Wi-Fi network,” said John T.
Walker, chief operating officer of Sitwifi. “The Accuris CONNECT platform has helped us monetize our
Wi-Fi network and now has enabled us to easily migrate and benefit from this state-of-the-art
technology. This will help us continue to expand our Carrier Wi-Fi business.”

Accuris Networks is a leader in carrier Wi-Fi services, enabling Wi-Fi roaming, billing/clearing and hub
services for Wi-Fi network providers and mobile network operators. With the Accuris CONNECT SaaS
platform, service providers can quickly interconnect with other Wi-Fi providers and mobile operators
to enable low-cost access to data services while subscribers are traveling as well as domestic data


“We have enjoyed working with Sitwifi to successfully enable seamless roaming onto their network
and are excited to see Sitwifi lead the market in becoming the first large-scale Passpoint Wi-Fi
network in Mexico,” said Larry Quinn, chairman and CEO of Accuris Networks. “Many of our Mobile
Operator customers are ready to take advantage of Passpoint networks like Sitwifi’s to offer the best
possible user experience.”

In 2016, Accuris Networks announced it was providing Sitwifi access to the CONNECT platform which 
facilitates secure, trusted interworking between Wi-Fi and mobile service providers worldwide.


Sitwifi was born over 10 years ago when a group of successful Mexican businessmen detected the
need and opportunity to provide managed carrier Wi-Fi services including infrastructure, operation
and management to large venues and public locations.

Sitwifi is specialized in providing wireless connectivity solutions Wi-Fi in environments. Today
Sitwifi is the largest independent Wi-Fi provider in Mexico with more than 15,000 access points in
high-user density locations: universities, hospitals, hotels, airports and more. Sitwifi is responsible for
the operation, maintenance and infrastructure management ensuring the availability of it by

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[Aquí está el comunicado de prensa en español]

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Accuris Networks helps service providers monetize the connectivity between networks. Accuris
solutions enable subscribers to move seamlessly and securely between LTE, GSM, Wi-Fi, IPX and fixed
networks while ensuring a superior quality of experience. Accuris Networks is a trusted supplier to
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