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VAST Networks deploys Accuris solution

Posted on Monday, 10th September 2018

10 Sept 2018

VAST Networks has built South Africa’s first carrier-grade offload network to address spectrum shortage and facilitate access to affordable connectivity.

The network is designed to seamlessly move traffic off the networks of mobile operators and onto VAST’s Wi-Fi network, freeing up valuable spectrum.

This technology was implemented via VAST’s Accuris AccuROAM and Benu Networks xMEG network platforms, enabling aggregation services which mask Wi-Fi elements and maintain the security of the network.

“Wi-Fi’s traditional obstacle is on-boarding users. By enabling this functionality, we can now offer our Internet service providers a secure, seamless way of authenticating their customers using their individual SIM cards,” said VAST Networks principal radio network architect Déan Manefeldt.

“The deployment of our architecture also allows us to easily on-board users while enabling mobile offload for any operator onto their own network.”

VAST Networks’ technology can accommodate multiple operators on the same network and simultaneously redirect traffic across multiple users.

“Mobile devices account for more than 75% of Internet traffic and with South Africans exceedingly connecting on the go, the need for service providers to pioneer innovative and cost-effective ways to connect customers is vital to achieving sustainable business success,” said VAST Networks chief technical officer Khetan Gajjar.

“We are confident of this technology’s potential to drive economic progress and its ability to seamlessly integrate the next generation of wireless communication into South Africa’s telecommunications mix."

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