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Is there a "Free-Way" for IoT?

Posted on Monday, 20th March 2017

As the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free ride!” 

While it certainly isn’t free, Wi-Fi is in an enviable position – more often than not, some other provider pays to put Wi-Fi in to make their location or venue more appealing.  Hotels, Stadiums, Malls – many now offer ‘free Wi-Fi’, with costs borne by the venue provider, to give consumers a more attractive (and profitable) consumer experience. 

But ‘things’ have communications requirements, just like people.  They need to report back on what they are monitoring or tracking.  And the cost of transport can very widely and depend on many factors – volume and frequency of communications, battery/power, location/access to networks, and module costs. 

So is there a ‘free-way’ for IoT? 


Certainly the closest thing is Wi-Fi.  Wi-Fi cost structure is extremely low, performance and throughput can be excellent, and coverage continues to expand.  Wi-Fi is the foundation of many global ‘smart cities’ initiatives, blanketing cities with ‘free’ Wi-Fi to be used in a variety of applications, including connecting and communicating with things. 

There can be complexity in using Wi-Fi for IoT applications – identity, mobility, connectivity across Wi-Fi networks.  Plus achieving seamless connectivity between Wi-Fi and traditional licensed based RANs requires deep mobile core connectivity insight. 

Accuris is an expert in connecting, and interworking, various networks.  So if your plans require a Free Way (or at least 'lower-cost' way) for IoT, connect with the experts.

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