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China Mobile Intl expands Hand-in-Hand Alliance

Posted on Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

China Mobile International has developed the “Hand-in-Hand” alliance, a program with 5 pillars of cooperation between mobile network operators.  The pillar involving Accuris is using Wi-Fi to boost mobile roaming data usage. 

It’s no secret mobile providers are looking to increase data roaming revenues.  The fundamental question is – how?  What’s the trick for engaging silent roamers?  Wi-Fi is one of the more popular options – adding Wi-Fi has been shown to increase subscriber acceptance of roaming services

CMI continues to expand Hand-in-Hand, recently announcing both Starhub Singpore and True Thailand have joined the program. 



If you’re interested in creating your own ‘Roaming Alliance’, contact Accuris – we’ve got the expertise and experience to help you grow roaming revenues through Wi-Fi. 

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