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CBRS and Neutral Host LTE

Posted on Monday, 10th April 2017

 Want the coverage, capacity and deployment ease of Wi-Fi, with the consistency and control of LTE? Then the US’s new 3.5 gHz CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) access network is for you.

I’ll spare you the details and skip to the good part – 150 mHz of spectrum to be allocated to LTE by the US Government at little to no cost, but with a twist – it can support a neutral host environment.  

A new whitepaper from the CBRS Alliance outlines the different use cases, including neutral host.  A host-neutral LTE environment brings together the best characteristics of the two dominate wireless radio technologies – LTE and Wi-Fi. 



For venue owners, CBRS gives their customers a better experience – native LTE support, very high bandwidth, excellent indoor coverage. And while CBRS is a snap to deploy, with the same characteristics of Wi-Fi, it is complicated to plumb the back end.

To ensure an AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon customer gets to use the new LTE capacity, the venues need to appear to each of the MNOs as a ‘Visited Network Provider’, or VNP, to use the parlance of the GSMA.


In this case, the mobile subscriber is authorized, by their home provider, to use another LTE network – in this case the venue owner’s CBRS. There are both commercial and technical issues associated with supporting a person ‘roaming’ onto the venue/CBRS. Basically, the venue needs to become a 3GPP-compliant ‘Visited Network’.

Sound complicated? Well, it can be, particularly to support several different mobile providers.

But Accuris makes it ease. Our new CONNECT Cloud Platform establishes a single connecting from the venue, and we handle the rest. Accuris is already aligned with all the mobile providers in the US, as well as rest of world.

Forewarned is forearmed

Plus with Accuris Settlement services, Accuris can ensure that the venue owner gets a fair shake in the roaming maneuvers. Typically there is a settlement process where the home provider and visited providers compare notes. In a perfect world, both sides are equal, the same number of roamers, the same amount of traffic – but we all know the world isn’t perfect. So to protect the venue owner’s interests, the Accuris Settlement service ensures the VNP/venue owner shows up properly prepared.

If you’re a venue owner considering a CBRS deployment, then you need the Accuris CONNECT cloud service. Outsource the complexity of mobile network integration and accelerate time to deployment.

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