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African broadband usage is exploding - so Internet Solutions and Accuris are partnering to help meet demand

Posted on Tuesday, 14th February 2017

The latest Cisco VNI is out.  With it, we can slice and dice data usage and projections from all over the world.  

Of particular interest to Accuris is traffic growth in Africa.  A continent that is developing at break-neck pace, according to the VNI, Africa's data usage is projected to grow 7-fold in the next 5 years, from 1.3 Pb to 9.5 Pb.  

Source:  Cisco VNI - custom chart.

How do service providers keep up with the blistering growth in demand?  

No one technology, or service provider, can handle it all - 3G, LTE, Wi-Fi - whatever it takes.  

Which is why today's announcement that Internet Solutions S.A. has partnered with Accuris Networks to enhance and simplify connectivity to their Wi-Fi networks in 14 different countries across Africa is important.  

With Accuris' advanced Carrier Wi-Fi services platforms, IS is able to stitch together their disparate Wi-Fi networks into a single, homogeneous network.  

Plus with Accuris eNAC, a true carrier-grade captive portal system, IS is able to bring fully customized landing pages and service plans to subscribers, regardless of location or venue.  

By simplifying and consolidating subscriber access to the Wi-Fi Networks, IS is able to package and bundle capacity into a package to be used by Mobile Operators for domestic offload or inbound global roaming.  

If you have multiple Wi-Fi networks and need to consolidate management, access, control - through a single, multi-tenant captive portal system, or by managing disparate subscriber access databases, then contact Accuris - the leader in Carrier Wi-Fi.  




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