The Enhanced Data Gateway


For mobile operators delivering services like Wi-Fi Calling over untrusted IP & Wi-Fi access networks, there is a need for scalable, cost effective secure, policy-based access control. However, traditional hardware-centric solutions can be capital and operationally expensive to scale.

Accuris new software-based DGW is unique in the industry.  Achieve software-centric scalability with Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) hardware. In fact, Accuris invites service providers to “Bring Your Own Hardware” – source from a key supplier, source from Accuris – either way this is the most agile, flexible Data Gateway on the market today.

eDGW Features

  • 3GPP complaint ePDG (TS 23.402) to support secure access over untrusted networks
  • A Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) approach provides unmatched cost-effective scalability from 1 to 1 million sessions or more
  • Native support for EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA authentication, as well as TLS and TTLS
  • GTPv2 tunneling on S2b interface
  • RADIUS to Diameter support between Wi-Fi and EPC
  • 3GPP Rel 12 compliant
  • Combined ePDG and AAA to tightly integrate subscriber/service access control based on multiple variables (device type, location, service offer, Wi-Fi network,…)
  • Up to 100 Gb/Sec throughput support*

* Performance based on average COTS platform, higher performance platforms will result in greater capacity.

eDGW Architecture


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