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Service providers need a dynamic, versatile platform for managing secure, policy-based access and authentication across a wide variety of networks and range of devices.

Built on a carrier-class, Linux-based platform, the Accuris 3GPP AAA Server is a 3GPP-compliant, Diameter and RADIUS-capable server that enables Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) functions.  In particular, it enables full interworking between 3GPP and non-3GPP domains like Wi-Fi.

eAAA Use Cases

  • Diameter-RADIUS Gateway (DRG) for interworking RADIUS and Diameter serving functions
  • Subscriber/UE authentication for Wi-Fi Calling
  • SIM-based access to Carrier Wi-Fi access networks
  • Policy-based subscriber access to fixed broadband networks
  • Support for WBA Next Generation HotSpot (NGH) and Wi-Fi Alliance Passpoint AAA functionality

eAAA Features

  • 3GPP AAA compliant with latest interfaces and protocols for ECP integration
  • Ability to leverage variety of subscriber identities (SIM, user name/pwd, email, ...) to create comprehensive service access control
  • Interface to existing Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) (Gx Interface), or take advantage of the integrated lightweight PCRF capabilities for multi-vendor Wi-Fi control functions
  • Interface to existing Online Charging Systems (OCS) (Gy interface), or take advantage of the integrated lightweight OCS functionality
  • Ability to combine multiple subscriber identities across devices to ensure a common network experience regardless of device
  • Inter-work complex, multi-vendor environments across multiple protocols (Diameter, RADIUS, SS7)



3GPP eAAA Architecture

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