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AT&T International Roaming was facing stiff competition and declining top-line revenues.  Continually under price pressure, AT&T wanted to add more value to their roaming service plans without having to reduce pricings.  Plus with 70% or more of roamers remaining 'silent', or not using mobile services when they travel, AT&T wanted to try to induce subscribers to try and use their Passport international roaming plans.

Differentiate Passport roaming offer with service value, not lower prices.  Hold revenues steady.

Encourage silent roamers to sign up for Passport roaming plans.   

Make it extremely easy for customers to find and attach to Wi-Fi, create a seamless experience to encourage Wi-Fi usage. 

AT&T chose to include global Wi-Fi access to Passport roaming service offer, providing subscribers an App which finds and attaches customers to Wi-Fi with advanced SIM-like security.  

  • The Accuris Wi-Fi Server manages connectivity between subscribers, the AT&T core network and Wi-Fi access networks
  • The Accuris Wi-Fi Client application finds and attaches users to Wi-Fi around the world
  • Including WISPr 1+ authentication technology which binds the subscriber, device and service more securely than usr/pwd

AT&T has seen tremendous benefit from the inclusion of Wi-Fi into its global roaming plans, more subscribers are purchaing the roaming plans, which is increasing revenues.  More subscribers are using Wi-Fi access, which results in a lower cost per bit for traffic.  

“Since adding Wi-Fi, revenues from consumer roaming offers increased by more than 50%.”

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