Wi-Fi Client

An Accuris Networks Product


Mobile providers are rolling out carrier Wi-Fi offload or international roaming services.  A Wi-Fi Client connection manager application can increase service usability and customer satisfaction.  The App manages all aspects of the Carrier Wi-Fi Network, from finding access points to seamlessly and securely attaching, to monitoring the overall quality of experience. 

Accuris Wi-Fi Client complements a Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Roaming service offer by providing subscribers a superior customer experience on smartphones and tablets.


Wi-Fi Client Comprises

  • Automated Wi-Fi service selection and association (where mobile platforms permit)
  • Accuris Networks’ WISPr 1+ support for Mobile-Subscribers to seamlessly use Wi-Fi service
  • Service provider policy-based Wi-Fi footprint-provisioning
  • Automated and user-submitted feedback of grade of Wi-Fi service
  • Support for SIM-free devices, bound to mobile-subscription and billing-account identities
  • Wi-Fi Location-based Services
  • Support for 3GPP ANDSF for Wi-Fi selection and policy control
  • Connection manager, location manager capabilities offered as SDKs to be embedded in 3rd party applications
  • Available API to embed functionality into 3rd party apps
  • Available for Windows Phone, and laptop clients for Windows and Mac


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