eSIP Server

SIP Roaming Server for Carrier OTT


Mobile operators are creating their own SIP-based over-the-top (OTT) VoIP services to better compete with companies like Skype. 
The Accuris SIP Roaming Server is a carrier VoIP solution which support IMS-ready clients/applications to deliver an operator managed OTT service.

eSIP Roaming Server Comprises

  • SIP Application Server with proven interworking in leading IMS-vendor core network environments
  • MO/MT voice service to MSISDN (Mobile-Subscriber ISDN) Number
  • Mobility management function to continue services to Wi-Fi-only subscribers
  • Service-anchoring/interworking capability through 3GPP CAMEL support
  • Integrated Wi-Fi location and policy service capability
  • 3GPP and 3GPP2 core network compliant
  • Integrated mobile-subscription and mobile billing capability

eSIP Roaming Server Architecture

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