Roaming Server

An Accuris Networks Product


Many mobile operators today have vast direct GSM roaming relationships with providers worldwide.  To capitalise on this asset, some providers are creating sponsored roaming products for mobile providers looking to grow roaming footprint quickly and cost-effectively.  The Accuris Roaming Server is the engine to support sponsored roaming services.

Roaming Server Comprises

  • Cloud-based architecture available as SaaS platform
  • 3GPP and 3GPP2 compliant Diameter and SIGTRAN network communications
  • Field-proven high availability architecture, supporting (N+1) redundancy
  • Supports active/active and active/standby scalability of performance, based on a dedicated service-bus architecture
  • High-capacity/high-availability and full SQL system Database Service capability
  • Supports geo-redundant deployment
  • Fully-programmable RADIUS proxy, Diameter proxy and RADIUS/Diameter translation function, based on configurable rules
  • Flexible web-based OA&M interface function

Roaming Server architecture

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