Internet Solutions

An Accuris Networks Product

Internet Solutions S.A. is one of the largest broadband providers in Africa.  Doing business in fourteen countries, IS provides enterprise, consumer, municipal and venue specific Wi-Fi services to millions of locations and customers today.  

The decision to partner with Accuris Networks for this project was an easy one, given the company’s history and expertise as a trusted provider of cloud-based security, identity, and access management for carrier Wi-Fi networks.
Kervin Pillay, Chief Technology Officer for Internet Solutions. 


As IS has grown, it has acquired and built out Wi-Fi for a variety of customers, with a range of use cases, for a large and diverse subscriber base. As a result, many systems were virtual islands, operating independently, with no opportunity to correlate subscriber access or usage data.

IS needed to:

  • Develop a single, common network-wide subscriber identification and access platform;
  • Expand the Captive Portal platform to be adaptable to a variety of customer types and customisable by venue;
  • Establish GSMWi-Fi interfaces to enable mobile operator customers to roam onto Wi-Fi domestically for offload or internationally for roaming.

IS selected Accuris Networks because of its breadth and depth of carrier Wi-Fi systems and experience.  

  • Accuris Wi-Fi Server which provides IS with consistent authentication, security and identity management across multiple Wi-Fi access networks in different countries;
  • Accuris eNAC, the industry's leading carrier-grade captive portal system designed specifically to meet the requirements of service providers managing multiple access networks and venues from a single, cloud-based platform; 
  • Accuris new eAnalytics engine, a Hadoop-based big-data collection, analysis and presentation module designed to augment each of the Accuris Networks server products; 
  • Accuris CONNECT which facilitates inter-network connectivity between disparate Wi-Fi, fixed and mobile access networks as well as other Wi-Fi hubs.  

Internet Solutions is just starting to benefit from the Accuris solution, but some initial highlights include:  

  • Interworked Wi-Fi in 14 separate countries across Africa; 
  • Expanded Captive Portal service offering to include fully customisable landing pages and unique service offers/plans
  • Recently signed a country-wide Wi-Fi offload service agreement with a local mobile operator;
  • Inter-worked the IS Wi-Fi network into a global Wi-Fi roaming hub to monetize inbound roaming traffic.  

So far, IS is quite pleased with the Accuris solution:


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