China Mobile

An Accuris Networks Product

Consumer choice for data roaming is high in Asia.  People select their local roaming partners, and often it's not with the local service provider preferred by the subscriber's home operator.  China Mobile International (CMI) wanted to boost LTE roaming revenues with strategic regional partners. 

Use Wi-Fi to add value to regional roaming relationships.  Rather than offering lower cost per Mb of data, give subscribers additional value by including Carrier Wi-Fi into a roaming offer.  Try to address silent roamer who rely exclusively on Wi-Fi to select a Wi-Fi + mobile data roaming plan.  

The “Hand-in-Hand” regional roaming alliance between CMI and 10 local partners. Consumers can use alliance member Wi-Fi free – if they select the member’s LTE network when roaming.

Launched in Q1 16 between just three countries, more than 1m subscribers have attached to Wi-Fi as part of the alliance. 


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