Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Service

an Accuris Networks Solution

Turnkey Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Service

International roaming is a competitive business, with rates dropping and little opportunity to differentiate.Plus customers don't want to spend money on roaming - it's estimated that 70% of the time they travel, they remain "silent".

How can mobile service providers add value and grow revenues in Roaming?   

With Accuris Networks Turnkey Wi-Fi Roaming Hub, service providers can quickly and easily add Wi-Fi access to existing mobile data roaming plans, creating a differentiated service offer and lowering service delivery costs, while giving subscribers what they want – trusted, low-cost access to data services when traveling.

Features of our Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Service

  • Geographically redundant, cloud-based managed service to start small, and grow quickly

  • Accuris Networks’ 3GPP AAA roaming ensures policy-based, trusted access for roaming subscriber worldwide

  • Available WRiX-compliant settlement and clearing house services

  • Intuitive, brand-able Wi-Fi roaming application (for iOS, Android) to facilitate finding and attaching to Wi-Fi access points while abroad

  • Support for wide variety of Visited Wi-Fi Networks with different security, authentication and interface support

  • Built on Accuris's carrier-grade Wi-Fi Roaming Server platform

  • Uses Accuris Wi-Fi Client with WISPr 1+ is the only technology which links the devices and App to the MNO's home subscriber database

  • Accuris is the engine behind the industry's largest Wi-Fi roaming services (AT&T, China Mobile Intl, EDCH, Telefonica)

Wi-Fi Roaming Hub Architecture