Mobile Roaming Hub Service

an Accuris Networks Solution

Turnkey GSM Roaming Hub Service

Mobile service providers are increasingly commercializing their portfolio of mutually-agreed voice and data roaming agreements and services. 

Accuris Networks simplifies the process of reselling and monetizing these agreements by offering a turnkey mobile roaming hub service.   With offering sponsored, multi-IMSI roaming services to new and emerging operators. 

Accuris provides a turnkey solution including authentication and authorization, mediation and settlement, fraud detection/management, and comprehensive reporting services across LTE, and 3G/2G networks. 

Features Of The Accuris Roaming Hub Service

  • Support for 3GPP-compliant roaming between 2G, 3G, and LTE mobile networks
  • Geographically redundant, cloud-based managed service to start small, and grow quickly
  • AAA roaming ensures policy-based, trusted access for roaming subscriber worldwide
  • CAMEL relay interworking for service consistency
  • Detailed analytics and reporting including roaming pattern report generation
  • Full support for 3GPP2 networks
  • End-to-end mediation and clearing services (contact Accuris)
  • Fraud management, account and control system (contact Accuris)

GSM Roaming Hub Architecture