Wi-Fi Offload

an Accuris Networks Solution

Simplifying Carrier Wi-Fi Offload

Mobile networks are flooded with data from smartphones.  Streaming videos and music and gaming are overwhelming the licensed RAN, and mobile providers are turning to Wi-Fi to augment the network with low cost, high performance throughput.

Yet integrating Wi-Fi access with the mobile core can be tricky.  A variety of security protocols, multiple vendors and diverse standards can add complexity and impact the customer experience.

Accuris Networks simplifies Carrier Wi-Fi Offload.  Accuris provides the tools to integrate a wide range of protocols, interfaces and vendors turning Wi-Fi into a single, cohesive radio access network.

Why use Wi-Fi Offload?

  • With Accuris Networks’ Wi-Fi Offload solution, subscribers receive a consistent, managed and billable experience.  Fully compliant with WISPr 1 and Hotspot 2.0/NGH standards, the Accuris Wi-Fi server has proven integration with all mobile core vendors
  • Accuris’ captive portal solution enables service providers to combine existing and new customers, and automate payment and track usage across venues and locations, delivering advertising, sponsorship or promotion
  • Accuris provides a Wi-Fi client connection manager to ensure seamlessly authentication and authorisation

Wi-Fi Offload Architecture