Wi-Fi Calling

an Accuris Networks Solution

An Agile, Secure Wi-Fi Calling Solution

Mobile Service Providers are turning to Wi-Fi Calling to deliver low cost, high quality mobile service whenever their subscribers are connected to Wi-Fi but the ability to scale quickly and cost effectively to meet demand can be difficult, particularly with bespoke hardware-based security approaches. 

Service providers are turning to software defined infrastructure (SDI) to get software-centric scalability from network infrastructure.

Accuris Networks new Agile Wi-Fi Calling solution is the industry’s first software-based Data Gateway (eDGW) which combines industry-leading subscriber and service management and standards-based authentication mechanisms (EAP-SIM) with the 3gpp ePDG function.   

Accuris Wi-Fi Calling Solution Benefits:

  • Software-centric Scalability – meet demand quickly and more cost effectively

  • The industry’s first Bring Your Own Hardware (BYOH) program – buy from Accuris, buy from your supplier, we’re providing the software

  • Tightly control subscriber access to services based on a wide range of capabilities including location, device type, service plan and more

  • Proven interoperability with leading IMS/TAS providers as well as devices (iOS, Android)

  • Available as a hosted Cloud service, or traditional in-network deployment

Wi-Fi Calling Architecture

Putting It Together