Case Study

Telefonica wanted to lower costs and add value to existing customers as they cross borders in South and Latin America.

Develop a regional, operating company specific service to enable Wi-Fi access when Telefonica customers roam to other properties.

Vivo (Telefonica Brazil) hosting a hub service for Wi-Fi Roaming. 

Built on Accuris' leading edge cloud SaaS platform, with:

  • the Accuris Wi-Fi Server platform to manage accounting, access, and Wi-Fi directories,
  • Accuris CONNECT to interwork with other hubs and Wi-Fi networks,
  • the Accuris Wi-Fi Client, an app for smartphones and other devices which facilitates finding, and automates connecting, to various Wi-Fi networks worldwide.  


Service launched in Q2 2016, more information can be found on the Vivo roaming website.