Our roaming solutions are designed to make it easy for GSM and CDMA mobile network operators to deploy roaming solutions that expand the footprint of their coverage. Depending on the operator’s situation these can be offered as a hosted service or as in-network deployments.

GSM and CDMA operators can provide authenticated, secure roaming to Wi-Fi that will allow their users to seamlessly roam onto Wi-Fi hotspots globally. This increases data usage by overcoming the cost issue associated with international data roaming as well as improving coverage and bandwidth for national data usage. The solution enables operators to use Wi-Fi networks as if they are GSM or CDMA roaming partners both technically and commercially.

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CDMA to GSM Roaming

CDMA operators can offer global roaming coverage, adding hundreds of GSM roaming partners by deploying our 3GPP2 CDMA to GSM solution including pre-paid subscribers.

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We also provide solutions that expand a GSM operator’s in-bound and out-bound roaming footprint using either dual-IMSI or Open Connectivity technology.

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ROAMING Solutions

Increase roaming revenues, margins and footprint with Mobile, Wi-Fi and WiMAX roaming.

OFFLOAD Solutions

Robust, reliable inter-working between Mobile and IP based networks.

Device Management

Our device detection solutions can detect provision and configure subscribers' devices