Wi-Fi Offload

AccuROAM is a mobile convergence platform that enables cellular subscribers to seamlessly and transparently switch between mobile and alternate wireless networks. AccuROAM is a carrier grade proven solution that eliminates the technical, administrative and resource burdens of data, voice and messaging offload and roaming across protocols.

AccuROAM enables automatic authentication by accessing customer SIM-based account credentials; this allows the operator to control subscriber and service policies, thus creating a portal for revenue generation. AccuROAM bridges the gaps between networks (including non-EAP capable devices) with advanced technological development in the core network server. This innovation sets AccuROAM ahead of all other Wi-Fi offload and roaming solutions available today. In addition, AccuROAM has been developed with intelligent policy control and is ready for Hotspot 2.0.

The key features of the solution include:


  • SIM based authentication – for Wi-Fi networks with WISPr, EAP, NGH, Hotspot 2.0 and Passpoint
  • Network Access Controller – web sign-on captive portal, network discovery, monitoring and Wi-Fi policy management
  • Billing and settlement functions – including CDR conversion (RADIUS to TAP/CIBER) ; real-time pre-paid support
  • Tight Mobile Network Integration – including extension of voice, messaging on to Wi-Fi; cell location aware Wi-Fi Offload
  • Hotspot white-list management – ensuring all devices are populated with the Mobile Operator's preferred Wi-Fi networks
  • Pre-integrated WISP/Aggregator partnerships to deliver immediate Wi-Fi footprint
  • VPN management – Standard and non-standard approaches to tunnel back to core network
  • Proven Carrier Grade Performance – references that will say ‘it works well’; experienced team in delivering mission-critical telecoms solutions

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To make it all work, AccuROAM technology comprises the AccuROAM Server and AccuROAM Mobile Client. The AccuROAM Server is a carrier class service node, designed to interwork with the mobile operator’s PLMN core network and the Wi-Fi network infrastructure alike. The AccuROAM Mobile Client is a distributable smartphone application that handles automated Wi-Fi network discovery, authentication and authorised access.

AccuROAM Wi-Fi Server

The AccuROAM Server constitutes a RADIUS and Diameter AAA server, Wi-Fi Footprint Manager server, WISPr 1+ User-Registration server, SIP Registration server  and a Mobile Core Authorisation server.  These Wi-Fi network and infrastructure agnostic elements provide:

  • Multiple services support
  • Multiple authentication options
  • Client and server integration points
  • SIM based secured authentication
  • Billing and settlement (online, offline & roaming)
  • Tunnelled access to mobile network with key management


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AccuROAM Network Access Controller

Data, voice and messaging offload also requires a Wi-Fi gateway, the AccuROAM Network Access Controller (NAC), which hosts the DHCP Relay Server, Captive Portal, Policy Enforcement server, Intrusion Dectection Service and WLAN Controller Adaptors.  The AccuROAM NAC provides:

  • Network discovery and monitoring
  • Strong user authentication
  • Policy control and enforcement
  • Reporting
  • Web-based captive portal
  • DHCP relay server
  • Anti-fraud service
  • Multiple WLAN controller adaptors


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AccuROAM Mobile Client

The AccuROAM Mobile Client is available for non-EAP capable devices (WISPr) and all major mobile OSs are supported. The client automatically searches, selects and transparently connects to operator approved hotspots while maintaining billing and policy support. Full service continuity (MO/MT voice and messaging to a single-radio Wi-Fi attached subscriber) is available and the data connection from the end-user device to mobile core data access is securely encrypted.WISPr 1+ is unique to Accuris Networks and provides complete security where WISPR 1.0 does not. It uses a dedicated registration process to create secured SIM-based authentication keys. This method provides strong mobile end-user authentication, with existing Wi-Fi network capability. Authentication is based on a variety of identity-key and encryption-key mechanisms.

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AccuROAM SIP Roaming Server

Text and Talk using your mobile number on Wi-Fi by interworking with existing communications infrastructures, AccuROAM Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Roaming Server (SRS) offers operators and subscribers alike an inventive solution for roaming between GSM/CDMA and (pre/current) Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks. In other words, AccuROAM SRS facilitates two-way connectivity between different network types, most popularly mobile and Wi-Fi technologies.

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