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Wi-Fi Offload

Our offload solutions are based on our tried and tested roaming solutions. We approach offload as roaming between mobile and fixed networks. GSM and CDMA (3G & 4G) operators can roam with Wi-FI, WiMAX and LTE networks and continue to deliver their subscribers the voice, messaging and data services that they expect.

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Accuris Networks have been solving roaming problems for mobile operators for almost 15 years. The knowledge and experience gained over this time means we really understand the problems and issues of roaming. Especially sponsored roaming and roaming between networks of different technologies – inbound and outbound roaming between GSM, CDMA, Wi-Fi and WiMax.

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Device Management

For CDMA operators we provide device management solutions that update mobile devices Over-The-Air with current preferred roaming lists. In conjunction with this OTA solution we offer an innovative way of automatically provisioning new devices and so avoiding any third-party costs normally suffered.

We also provide innovative device management solutions for GSM operators to detect in real-time subscriber using a new device and triggering related applications for provisioning, configuring, marketing and fraud.

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Lawful Interception

Accuris Networks have a specialist group that focuses on Lawful Interception of IP traffic for handover to Law Enforcement Agencies. This includes VoIP as well as email, web and other targeted IP traffic.

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ROAMING Solutions

Increase roaming revenues, margins and footprint with Mobile, Wi-Fi and WiMAX roaming.

OFFLOAD Solutions

Robust, reliable inter-working between Mobile and IP based networks.

Device Management

Our device detection solutions can detect provision and configure subscribers' devices