About us

Accuris Networks is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Offload and Wi-Fi Roaming solutions not just for data offload but voice and messaging also. This allows Wi-Fi networks to become a fully integrated extension of GSM and CDMA networks.

In addition Accuris Networks also provide solutions for CDMA to GSM roaming, dual-IMSI roaming and Over-The-Air device management.

Accuris Networks is located in United States, Ireland, Malaysia, Brazil and Japan. Led by a team with unrivalled experience in service convergence and service continuity, our AccuROAM, AccuProfile and AccuGuard solutions provide competitive, cost effective platforms that deliver carrier grade performance.

ROAMING Solutions

Increase roaming revenues, margins and footprint with Mobile, Wi-Fi and WiMAX roaming.

OFFLOAD Solutions

Robust, reliable inter-working between Mobile and IP based networks.

Device Management

Our device detection solutions can detect provision and configure subscribers' devices