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Hot Wi-Fi Under the South African Sun!

Posted by Steve Shaw on 17-Nov-2015 22:41:59

Wi-Fi is a hot topic under the blazing South African sun.  

The annual AfricaCom event is happening this week in Cape Town, and Accuris is there.  

Industry leading solutions for Carrier Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Offload, and Wi-Fi Calling.  

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Topics: Wi-Fi Offload, Carrier Wi-Fi

Monetizing Wi-Fi is Dead!

Posted by Steve Shaw on 03-Nov-2015 17:56:17

… Long live Wi-Fi monetization! 

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Topics: Wi-Fi Roaming

Do you know the way to San Jose?

Posted by Steve Shaw on 09-Oct-2015 23:05:33

 As a Silicon Valley native I do, in fact, know the way to San Jose.  I call the US’s 10th largest city home, and I’m proud the WBA chose it as the location for the Wi-Fi Global Congress event (Oct 12-15).  

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Topics: Wi-Fi Offload, Wi-Fi Roaming, Carrier Wi-Fi

Creating a Wi-Fi Fabric

Posted by Steve Shaw on 16-Sep-2015 18:45:00

This week EDCH (Emirates Data Clearing House), a leading provider of roaming and settlement services to providers in the Middle East, and Accuris Networks, a leader in Connecting Networks, announced that EDCH will offer the Accuris Wi-Fi Roaming Hub platform to it’s customer base with the goal of enabling Wi-Fi roaming. 

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Topics: Wi-Fi Roaming, Carrier Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi's supply and demand problems

Posted by Steve Shaw on 21-Aug-2015 17:30:00

The other day I was meeting with a very large company which continues to innovate and disrupt the mobile and Wi-Fi industries.  As they so elegantly put it in the meeting - Wi-Fi has both a supply and demand problem - to which we all nodded in agreement.

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Topics: Wi-Fi Roaming, Carrier Wi-Fi

We're Virtualised!

Posted by Aidan Dillon on 21-Jul-2015 10:05:00

As I've listened to our many customers over the past few years worrying about maintaining competitiveness by deploying different technologies and approaches, the need for using the cloud has increasingly become obvious.  Carriers have seen mobile data explode and it's clear they need to add more capacity, faster, and at a lower cost, just to keep up.

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Topics: NFV

Accuris Networks supporting carrier Wi-Fi services for Operators

Posted by Helen Dunne on 17-Jul-2015 10:14:00

As active members of Wireless Broadband Alliance (WBA), Accuris particpated in Wi-Fi Global Congress in London in May. Discussions at the show were wide-ranging, reflecting the broad role that Wi-Fi is increasingly taking in the strategies of many kinds of providers. 

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Topics: Hotspot 2.0, Carrier Wi-Fi

Would you recommend Accuris? I already have!

Posted by Helen Dunne on 23-Jun-2015 10:45:00

Jonas Trunk, CEO of the leading Brazilian Wi-Fi service Linktel, recently spent time with Acccuris to talk about how Accuris is helping his business.

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What have they been up too?

Posted by Steve Shaw on 07-Jun-2015 00:03:00

Last year, AT&T announced it was working with Accuris Networks to develop a Wi-Fi Roaming Hub service. 

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Topics: Wi-Fi Roaming, Carrier Wi-Fi

And the winner is...

Posted by Steve Shaw on 24-May-2015 02:09:07

Congratulations to Accuris’ own Finbarr Coghlan – for recognition of his continued contribution to working groups within the WBA. The award was presented this week at the Wi-Fi Global Congress in London.  Finbarr has been a tireless champion of Carrier Wi-Fi, Next-Gen Hotspots (NGH) and helping Accuris achieve its goal of Connecting Networks. 

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Topics: Wi-Fi Monetization, Carrier Wi-Fi

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