• data offload, voice and messaging on Wi-Fi
  • automatic and secure connection to preferred Wi-Fi networks, ANDSF, ANQP, passpoint
  • Wi-Fi offload billing fully integrated with cellular billing

3GPP AAA TWAP TWAG Core Network Solutions

Highly Adaptable 3GPP & WBA AAA for Voice over Wi-Fi


roamingRoaming Solutions

Increase roaming revenues, margins and footprint with GSM, CDMA, LTE and Wi-Fi



AT&T Mobility Announces Agreements to Deliver Wi-Fi Hub Solution

New AT&T Wi-Fi Hub Is Being Offered to provide Seamless and Secure Wi-Fi Access             SAN FRANCISCO, OCT. 9,...more


Some Predictions For 2015

A century ago, history was poised for a major technological development that would take place in 1915: the first official transcontinental telephone...more

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